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Welcome to The Sacred Oath's webpage, home of Angelina and Dasan from the hot, new Young Adult Fantasy novel, written by D.C. Grace.

If you're a fan of the wolfpack in Twilight, or Patch in Hush Hush, you will LOVE The Sacred Oath!  Keep checking back for more details as the saga prepares to unfold....

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What  would you do if you rediscovered the love you chased for many lifetimes?  If it jeopardized a sacred oath you made to the spirit world, would you risk losing everything for that  lost love?

 Angelina has spent her whole life thinking she was a witch, like her mother.  But when her family leaves the dusty reservation roads of New Mexico for the forested hills of Wisconsin, all that changes....

Dasan Tallchief, Alpha of The Guardians of the Sacred Oath, walks into Angelina's life.  Suddenly her head is full of native drumbeats and mysterious voices that pull her toward him.   Angelina is drawn to help Dasan and The Guardians in their sole purpose - to save the Thunderbirds who watch over the Hocak tribe before Herecgunina, the serpent, destroys them.  But if Dasan's attraction to Angelina causes him to imprint on her, the fate of the Thunderbirds and The Guardians could be in jeopardy.  And the closer they become, the more they discover that her talents with witchcraft are just the tip of the iceberg.  Soon everything Angelina has ever known about her life seems to be a lie.  All of the answers surround The Book of Raziel, and as the truth is revealed, Dasan becomes the only link that can keep Angelina from being trapped in her own mind, forever.  Sometimes the truth really is stranger than fiction.