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Pitch black of night in New Mexico, the best time for an Angel of Death to make her move.  I am not favored by mortals.  I am not prayed to for help like Raphael or Gabriel.  You mortals hardly even realize my existence, but it's just as well.  If you did, you would loathe my appearance all the more.

I came to finish the bargain - a life for a life.  The woman is so wrapped up in her ridiculous, happy little life, she's forgotten all about me.  All the better, she'll remember soon enough.  Then she'll cry.  You always do, don't you?  Pitiful mortals, so sentimental, so secure in your cheery little world, you can never face the reality of real loss.  I have lost, too, but I don't cry.  I don't get mad.  I get revenge.  And every once in awhile, I get the thrill of evening the score, like tonight.  I get to steal away a life, in return for a life started in your so-called "grace".

The boy is sleeping, but he cries out when I take him in my arms.  The gifted child doesn't hear, so I don't worry.  The father, sleeping in a chair, wakes as I pass by with the child in my arms.  He calls out, but he'll never catch me.  I will go as I came - by the river.  As I step out into the water I can hear the man coming.  I'm struck for a moment at the sound of my name being called and turn.  It is the strawberry-haired woman.

"Lilith, no!" she cries.

The man rushes toward us in the murky river waters.  And for this, he shall pay.